Lavender Buds Natural Laundry Powder

Wench Crafts

$ 12.00 $ 15.00

Lavender Buds is our signature aromatherapy luxury laundry powder. Made with our own homemade stain fighting coconut soap and lavender essential oils, Lavender Buds will leave your clothes naturally fresh and clean. This super charged laundry powder is designed to last a heck of a lot longer than your chemical laden store brands. Suggested use is only 1-2 TABLESPOONS PER LOAD! WOWZA! 

Our laundry powder helps you to keep toxic chemicals away from your largest organ the skin! NO mineral oil, NO sodium laurel anything, NO petroleum products, NO detergents, NO synthetics.


Woot! Woot! We got some snazzy new packing for this item to help reduce the cost of shipping.  NO MORE GLASS! It now comes in a handy resealable bag for your convenience and includes an extra ounce of powder!! SAFE FOR HE MACHINES! 

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