Black Tie Affair Solid Mens Cologne

Wench Crafts

$ 20.00 $ 25.00

Especially for men and part of our  signature XIIXII (August 8th) mens line of luxury products. This wonderfully solid cologne and its complementary products features the essence of bay leaves with the uplifting scents of of orange peel and zest. 

What is a mens solid cologne? 

Solid colognes are handcrafted fragrances that use beeswax as a base coupled with other all natural skin loving vegetable butters such mango, shea and kokum butter which makes it easy to transport and even easier to apply. Our solid cologne features organic beeswax and kokum butter for a wonderful long lasting scent with no greasy feel left on the skin. 

How do I use a solid cologne?

Dip or swirl your finger in the waxy cologne, then apply generously to pulse points, like your wrists and neck. Due to its compact size, this travel-friendly item is perfect for use at home and on the go in your gym bag or coat pocket. Store in cool dry place especially in summer months when natural butters are prone to melting. If product melts, simply place in a cool dry place or refrigerate for about 15 minutes to restore solid nature. 


Want to learn more about The Benefits of Using Solid Colognes? Check out this article in the Mens Journal.

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