About Us



Wench Crafts Fine Handmade Goods is a Black Pearl Wellness Group company focused on providing natural soaps and personal care products sourced from high quality raw materials. Our soaps are handmade from scratch using an old world traditional method called cold-process soap making. Using simple ingredients that are not only good for your skin, but provide a safe and healthy alternative for your entire family. The wholesome ingredients found in our soaps come from plant-based sources such as fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables. Some of my favorites include Olive, Coconut, Rice Bran and Avocado oils along with rich skin loving butters like Shea and Mango butter.

My passion for preparing these products with the utmost care stems from my life experience dealing with my sons Autism and later my fathers battle with cancer. In 2012, I was overweight and way overworked, and experience I'm sure many can attest to. I decided it was time to not only change my life, but it was time to seek out a healthier and more sustainable way of living for the sake of my entire family. I became a vegetarian (now pescatarian), and I set about the business of learning everything I could about how the foods we eat and products we use can affect our health in the short and long run. I was sometimes shocked and appalled at the what seem to be blatant use of chemicals in everything from our food to something as unassuming as laundry powder.

Fast forward to the here and now, my journey allowed me to find better ways to care for my family by making many of the products we use in our home. As much as the big industry would not like you to believe, the earth we live on is quite rich in its ability to protect and heal our bodies if we only take the time to seek that which has been hidden from us by those seeking only to profit.

Each of the products that you will find on this site are used in my home almost daily. I prepare each loaf of soap in small batches to ensure quality. My team consist of my husband, Tony, who is truly my best friend and biggest motivator, my three boys, Daniel, Caleb and one four legged son, Gabriel, the Golden. We are a bit of a rag tag bunch, but I promise you that there is so much love in our house, its bound to end up in your soaps...so please shop away and I hope your enjoy these products as much as I have enjoyed making and using them.