Aunt Beans Oat Soap

Wench Crafts

$ 3.00 $ 65.00

As a child I can fondly remember my father buying bath products with oatmeal in them. At the time, I had idea the benefits of oatmeal colloidal when it comes to our skin. My dear Aunt Bean has always had sensitive skin and was always quite particular about her bath and body products. So if would only be fitting that the moment she heard of my adventure into soap making, she requested an "oatmeal soap". LOL! 

So heres to Aunt Bean! I invite you to try our creamy oatmeal soap infused with a few healthy heaps of oatmeal colloidal powder and made with our signature blend of coconut, olive and rice bran oils and shea butter for added moisture. This soap includes a very mild exfoliant of real oats sprinkled right on top.  

Each bar weighs between 4-5 ounces.  


Ingredients: saponified olive, coconut, and rice bran oils, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, oatmeal colloidal powder, oats

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