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Thieves Abound! Don't Get Robbed!

Turn on the news and you can't help but to be mortified at the recent Ebola outbreak now encroaching upon the U.S. population. The funny thing is that the history of disease among populations is quite common throughout the ages. Some might call it punishment for mans sins. Scientist would say it's simply natures checks and balances system, keeping the population in check. No matter your opinion, one tale of old stands out from the rest, the tale of the Four Thieves. 


The history of Thieves oil dates back hundreds of years.The bubonic plague claimed 75 -200 million people’s lives over the centuries that it ravaged Europe.  Back in the 12th-18th centuries, many theories were given on the cause of the plague; everything from the king of France blaming the heavens to bad air was blamed.  We later learned that the dominant cause of the “black death” was the outbreak of Yersinia pestis.  Yersinia pestis is a pathogen that, according to G. Christakos, was found to “involve the bites of fleas whose guts had become obstructed by replicating Y. pestis several days after feeding on an infected host. Thus a plague was born.




The image above is the costume worn by Plague Doctors who visited victims of the plague to verify if they had been afflicted. The "beak" was filled with herbs to purify the air that the doctors breathed. The stick was to push away patients who got too close. While this whole "gitty-up" (outfit) as my mother would call it looks quite absurd, it shows us that clearly the first line of defense is PPE or "personel protective equipment". PPE works! Read here to learn just how important dawning a mask and gloves can be. 


During this time of sadness, fear and death comes the story of the four thieves that survived.  There are multiple variations of the story, some stories say the thieves were already robbing the plague victims and others say they were already imprisoned and were used to clear out the bodies of the plague victims.  In any event, the tales say that they had access to spices and herbs that they combined with vinegar (yes, vinegar) to create a way to allow them to come into close contact with infected people and not contract the infection themselves.  The King took note of the fact that they were not getting sick after clearing bodies and gave them the choice between hanging or telling their secret of survival.  The thieves chose to give the government their secret blend, and we still have access to the centuries old recipe of the thieves blend today.  (Really ??? A group of smart folks "gave" their secret to the government...hmmmm) 

This blend has been shown to not only kill bacteria and prevent infections, but it has also been used to sanitize homes and it kills mold as well!  Diffusing it within your home can kill airborne pathogens as well as leave a fresh smelling, non-toxic sent.  Regardless of the folklore, the thieves essential oil blend has numerous benefits and is a natural alternative to conventional medicines and cleaners.

But fast forward to the here and now and you will fine widespread debate about the use of essential oils in health and prevention. On one side you have your friendly FDA stating that by giving folks information about the use of such natural remedies is a kin to breaking the law and selling false hope. They will swiftly send you a not so nice letter telling you to cut it out, or else.  The other side also known as "the crunchies" as they are so called by themselves (and sometimes by others for meaness) will vehemently defend the use of essential oils, herbs and anything natural to promote certain brands of products or simply bring people to their side of the argument. In any case, you have an important decision to make. Will you be robbed of your good health by either side? 

I consider myself somewhere in the middle using only information that I need from each side of the line. On one hand my undergraduate degree in public health says clearly that our government (FDA, CDC) knows best and in many cases they actually do. But let's just be real. Everything the pharmaceutical industry/government  knows about medicine comes from the hundreds of years of so called quacks discovering the wonders of this world and its abilty to heal our bodies. In comes the other side, the oil folks. 

As a mother of a child with Autsim, my awareness of natural remedies is heightened beyond the average person given the very real concern about vaccines. So over the years I consider myself quite lucky to have learned how to care for both of my childrens milder health concerns without having to always pick up the phone and call a doctor or give them an "antibiotic" which should only be reserved for when its absolutely needed. 

The use of essential oils in my home is an everyday thing. I use them in the soaps and products I make, and more importantly I recently used the Thives oil blend in creating my on germ killer pack for my entire family. I often diffuse this particular blend in my home since the blend of oils included in it (you can make it yourself) have been known to kill germs in the air. Check out the recipe below and if you have all the necessary oils on hand give its go! As for where to purchase them there are dozens of essential oil vendors online and you can usually pick them up at your local health food store. I for one usually purchase mine from Amazon and I don't really have s preferred brand. There is no such thing as a "therapeutic grade" essential oil. But I will say that once you start to use them you will be able to discern high-quality oils from low-quality. Once your blend is created it can be used to make various other home healthcare care items to include herbal salves and counter top cleaning sprays for use in your home. 

DIY Four Thieves Oil Blend Recipe


  • 2 ounce glass bottle(s) with eye dropper cap. (


  • 80 drops of Essential Oil of Clove Bud 
  • 70 drops of Essential Oil of Lemon 
  • 40 drops of Essential Oil of Cinnamon Bark 
  • 30 drops of Essential Oil of Eucalyptus 
  • 20 drops of Essential Oil of Rosemary 
  • 10 drops of Essential Oil of Tea Tree, Lavender, Cedar or other anti-microbial, aromatic essential oil. (OPTIONAL)



  • Mix all essential oils together in a dark glass bottle and shake well to mix.
  • Adjust the ratios to suit your needs and smell preference, if you wish. (I always add more cinnamon and rosemary.)
  • Shake well before each usage.

Note:  One 15 ml bottle of essential oil contains approximately 250 drops and one 5 ml bottle contains approximately 85 drops.


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Now do I believe that the thieves oil blend can prevent diseases such as Ebola? Maybe, maybe not. But given the circumstances and the mere fact that clearly our government while doing their best to keep us safe the disease has now hit our shores and seems to be heading down a scary path. I do firmly  believe any increased vigilance on the part of citizens is warranted. We all need to be washing our hands more and being more responsible for self in order to prevent a very real disease outbreak. So in closing, take what you can from both sides of the line. Don't get robbed by either, do your homework and do what you can to keep your family safe. The secret to Living Well is not owned by any man, knowledge is free so go and lets do our best to live well. 

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